Use your video card to watch satellite TV with this MediaCenter


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MyTheatre is an application that lets you turn your computer into a multimedia center.

It supports a vast majority of the video cards that allow you to view satellite television available on the market, so simply tune into any channel with a satellite broadcast and watch it on your computer.

MyTheatre can also be used to play any media file, whether it is in DivX or DVD format.

Another interesting feature from MyTheatre is the option of recording broadcasts on your computer so you can enjoy them later.

MyTheatre also lets you modify its interface using skins and comes with over ten different skins.

Finally, you can use your remote control just as you always did before with the video card´s own software.

MyTheatre does not include part of the codecs needed to play video files. Click here for more detailed information on this.


This trial version only works for one hour at a time, after this you'll have to restart the application.

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